Women Smash Gender Taboos to Fight Myanmar Junta

A woman hangs a collection of longyi, a traditional clothing widely worn in Myanmar, across a road during a demonstration against the military coup in Yangon on March 8, 2021. STR / AFP

As pro-democracy protests sweep the nation, women have been on the front lines, where they have developed increasingly creative approaches to challenging the male-dominated junta. An old tradition maintains that a man’s hpone, or masculine essence, can be lost if he passes under a woman’s lower clothing items, i

‘How Is That Fair?’ The Silent Terror of Survivor’s Guilt.

Daniel Nyan had just picked up lunch and was driving home when a powerful wave of emotion forced him to pull over and start crying.
“I have a car, I have a home and can buy myself food,” he recalled thinking. “So many of our people can’t.
Daniel was born in Myanmar’s remote Chin State on the border with India. He left the country years ago and is now running the operations of an international child protection organisation in Mae Sot, a Thai town where refugees from Myanmar have lived for