Operation 1027: Implications for the Military Junta in Myanmar •

On October 27, 2023, the Three Brotherhood Alliance launched Operation 1027 to retake Kokang and elsewhere, signifying the largest movement in northern Myanmar since the February 2021 coup. The offensive action in Shan State has captured the attention of Myanmar observers globally, as well as concerned neighboring countries, like China. Join us for a conversation between a group of Myanmar experts on the significance and developing implications of this operation for the Myanmar junta.

Understanding the Arakan Army • Stimson Center

On February 1, 2023, the brutal military in Myanmar marked two years since its seizure of power from the civilian government in 2021. Since then, the country has been plagued by escalated civil war and political and economic turmoil. It is critical to end the military regime in Myanmar for all ethnic groups, especially the ethnic armed revolutionary groups taking the significant role of supporting and fighting alongside the resistance groups across the country.

The Arakan Army & the Resistance Movement in Myanmar • Stimson Center

February 1 marked the second anniversary of the 2021 military coup in Myanmar. As the junta continues to employ violent assaults against the population, the role of ethnic armed organizations remains crucial in advancing the resistance movement. In Rakhine State, the Arakan Army represents the largest and most consequential ethnic armed group in the region, with significant ability to sway the movement’s future development.